When committed people devote themselves to solve a problem, great solutions emerge

HUD HUD, the transport solution; HUD HUD, the money-making platform; HUD HUD, the beautiful bird. You will love Hud Hud

Hud Hud, The Masters Of Transportation

Hud Hud (Pronounced as /hʊd hʊd/) is a provider of safe, reliable, convenient, cost-effective, and enjoyable transportation services. Our buses have screens installed and we provide audio and video programs that offer an entertainingly fun ride. Whether you are a student or just a traveller using our services, you will definitely enjoy the valuetainment and edutainment videos in our buses. Your ride-time will be your prime-time hence boosting value and productivity.

The first category of clientele are students. We offer transport solution to students from college, high-school, primary and Kindergarteners. The second category of clientele are individuals and institutions that are looking for group travelling. It could be tourists; group ride for people attending wedding functions, sports, workshops, camping, trips, et cetera. We have a vast selection of vehicles. Some of the vehicle are branded and some are not branded.

Why Hud Hud Is The Best Provider Of School Transport!
Why Tourists and Ride-sharers Use Hud Hud Services

Hud Hud, The Platform

Hud Hud facilitates the exchange of value between students and vehicle owners. We are basically connecting these two important players and our duty is to ensure that both parties are happy. To ensure that quality, convenience, safe and stellar transport services are provided, both players have to match with Hud Hud beats. For the platform to succeed, the vehicle owner must monetarily benefit.

Likewise, the consumer (students/parents/ride-sharers etc), should always be happy with the services for the platform to succeed. Hence, Its the duty of Hud Hud to create the best ecosystem that will make both parties (ride-sharers and vehicle owners) happy. This means that ride-sharers will always love Hud Hud steller services and Hud Hud partners (vehicle owners) will always be rewarded financially. It’s a Win Win.

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Know What It Takes To Be a Hud Hud Partner?

Hud Hud, The Bird

Our company is named after the beautiful bird called Hud Hud (Pronounced as /hʊd hʊd/). The other name for Hud Hud is Hoopoe. The name Hud Hud is equally a beautiful word that catches the eye and ear of readers and listeners. Its beautiful and unique just like the bird. Hud Hud are found across Afro-Eurasia, and they are notable for their distinctive crown of feathers which have been used to derive our company logo. Check out our logo and compare it to the bird’s crown.

Have you seen birds crash into each other because they just don't. Plane can land and crash but you will never see a bird land and crash! Interesting. That’s why we chose a bird for our company. To signify how obsessed we are on providing super safe transport service. The hoopoe is the king of the birds in the Ancient Greek comedy The Birds by Aristophanes. Hud Hud as a transport company is king of safe, convenient and quality transportation.

Students! Already in love with Hud Hud
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I can Make Money while I help students reach school safely and conveniently! I can Make money while I provide safe, quality and affordable transport services to tourists and travellers! Hud Hud, revolutionising transport!

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer safe, reliable, professional, affordable and prime transport services

Our Vision

The vision of Hud Hud is to position itself as the leading provider of quality, safe, reliable, transportation services in the world.