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FAQ's For Hud Hud Partners

A Hud Hud partner is anyone who owns a car and has onboarded it to the Hud Hud platform.
Hud Hud uses the car for school transport and for hire. And you earn revenues stress-free. You would want to know extra benefits of becoming a Hud Hud partner here.
Depending on the mutual arrangement, payment may either be on a termly basis (i.e. after every 3 months) or on a monthly basis.
The vehicle service and repair costs are expended by the Hud Hud Partner. However, the supervision of vehicle service and repairs is done by Hud Hud. That is to say that Hud Hud Partner doesn't have to bother himself about the process of car service and repair.
No,No,No! Clients come to Hud Hud platform, Hud Hud schedules them and all the management and logistical tasks are taken care by Hud Hud. The partner’s duty is to just onboard the car to Hud Hud and wait for revenue to stream on his bank account stress-free.
Once you onboard your van or bus, it will be the duty of Hud Hud to find and assign a competent driver to the bus. You cannot dictate who drives the vehicle nor be asked to assist in employing a driver for the vehicle. All this and more processes will independently be handled by Hud Hud.
We find clients, we provide them with the transport services, we take care of the management and run the entire business. From the revenues we get, a certain commission goes to Hud Hud and the bulk of the revenue goes to Hud Hud Partner.
Exactly. But we are more meaningful than Uber since we help students reach school safely, affordably and conveniently!
The only way this model can work is when you the Hud Hud partner makes good money without fail. Otherwise you would withdraw your bus and our model wouldn't make sense. For us to be sure of revenues, we have an online tool that lets students book in advance before we even start providing transport services. This enables the bus to be fully booked before its dispatched to a route hence guaranteed revenues. By using the paid reservation before service is offered we guarantee revenues to the company. Furthermore, our company is reputable transport provider for schools and for holiday makers hence clients keep on flocking to us. You may want to have a look at our online booking for school transport here and the bus hire booking form here.
It’s very simply. Go to this page, fill all the required fields and upload all the needed images and click submit button. Our team will get this application from the backend and they will take it from there.
Before you commit to buy a bus, we advice you to go this form and select the option "Want to buy one" then fill the required fields and submit. Our team will immediately correspond with you and advise you accordingly.
Don’t worry. Our support staff will help you apply for a slot. What you need to do is to call us or email then we will ask you to provide all the needed information for the online form and our staff will apply on your behalf.

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