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FAQs For Parents And Students

Hud Hud (Pronounced as /hʊd hʊd/) is a name of a bird. In English, the bird is known as Hoopoe. It’s a beautiful and unique bird found across Afro-Eurasia. Go to this link to learn more.
Mhhh! Well! Have you seen birds crash into each other? Plane can land and crash but you will never see a bird land and crash! That’s why we chose a bird for our company. To signify how obsessed we are on providing super safe transport service. The hoopoe is the king of the birds in the Ancient Greek comedy The Birds by Aristophanes. Hud Hud as a transport company is king of safe, convenient and quality transportation.
We offer school transport services to all schools in Kenya, to all ethnic backgrounds, to all religious and non-religious groups. We are not affiliated to any school. We carry college students and other levels such as High school, Primary, and Kindergarten levels.
We show variety of genre as long as they add value to viewers. Such content include but not limited to National Geographic Documentaries, Shark Tank Episodes, educational videos, topics on entrepreneurship, history, DIY (Do It Yourself) videos, et cetera.
Our buses comply with Kenyan Traffic regulations as outlined by National Transport and Safety Authority – (NTSA). We have transport policies and procedures; we conduct trip inspection and surprise checks to ensure the staff com­ply to policies and procedures; our vans are fixed with speed governors, seat belts and first aid kits; we have School Bus Safety Rules and School Bus Protocol; The drivers undergo a drug and alcohol screening, a criminal background check, and even a driving evaluation. To learn more, read here.
During school holidays and before schools open, we give opportunities for students/parents to book and reserve seats for the subsequent term. Upon confirmation of space, reservation is done by committing to pay 50% of a whole term’s transport fees. Ofcourse, you can still be lucky and find get a seat if you apply once schools have opened but we advise clients to book before schools open. Please this page to book online.
You book by paying 50% termly transport fees before we even offer transport service. The remaining 50% must be paid by 5th of the second month of an academic term.
We have an online booking form for school transport. You need to go to the form, select Your Residential Location, Location of the Institution, Name of Your Institution and select your Transport Plan. The online calculator will then give you the Transport Fees. Once you are fine with the rates, you need to fill the remaining fields then you click the submit button to book. Our booking form is here.
Don’t worry. Our support staff will help you book. What you need to do is to call us or email then we will ask you to provide all the needed information for the online form and our staff will book on your behalf.
The rates are NOT on a monthly basis but on a semester/termly basis. A semester or a term, in our definition, is a period of 2 to 3 months. Any period beyond 3 months, a pro-rating of charges for these extra days will be done. Most institutions go for a term of 2 to 3 months.

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