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FAQ's For Van & Bus Hire

We have four strong points to why clients love to rent buses from Hud Hud. We have 1) Quality Vehicles; 2) Proficient Drivers; 3) We are Affordable!, and 4) And we have Excellent Safety Measures. Please click here to learn why clients use Hud Hud for hire.
Safety is the main factor that makes this kind of businesses prosper. If we employ poor drivers, we will simply go out of business. For that reason, we never compromise on the driver’s selection process. Our drivers are very competent, have an experience of not less than 7 years, and rigorous screening process is usually undertaken before they are employed.
The rates we give you are inclusive of driver and fuel costs. Unless, you have a special arrangement we can always discuss terms.
We have an online booking form for bus hire. You need to go to the form, select your pick-up location, your destination, the vehicle type, and whether its two way or one way and the number of days you want to hire the bus then the online calculator will give you the hire charges. Once you are fine with the rates, you need to click the submit button to book. Our booking form is here.
You are right. We have two types of buses, those that are branded School Bus and those that not branded. The client chooses which one they prefer although both types do serve the purpose.
No problem at all. Just go through the online booking form, submit your details then we will reserve for you on the date you specified. You can follow up with a call or email if there is a delay in response.
Anything is negotiable and and everything is a negotiation. Just reach out to us, and we will always come to a mutually-pleasing arrangement.
Don't worry. Our support staff will help you book. What you need to do is to call us or email then we will ask you to provide all the needed information for the online form and our staff will book on your behalf.

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