Money Has Relocated To Unsuspected Locations! Be a Hud Hud Partner and Earn Enormous Revenues

We Find The Clients
We Manage Your Vehicle
You Earn Money, Stress-Free

Money Is In School Transport, Van & Bus Hire

Investors have been scrambling for the Ride-sharing taxis and platforms. With brutal competitions in these niches, their profits began to be competed away. Money is no longer there. It is in School Transport and Van/Bus hire.


01 Apply For Hud Hud Partner Slot

Whether you have a van/bus or intending to buy one, all you need to do is to apply for a Partner Slot. Hud Hud will engage with you, inspect your van/bus or discuss on the procurement of the vehicle. Thereafter, Hud Hud will decide to give you a slot. Once you receive slot confirmation via text and email, you will then proceed to onboard the vehicle.

02 Onboard Your Van Or Bus. Sign Contract

During onboarding, your vehicle will have to meet certain requirements such as car track installation, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, application of NTSA licences, et cetera. Once these requirements have been met, you will sign a contract and you will finally onboard your vehicle.

03 Earn Money Stress-Free

Once your van or bus has been onboarded, you will let Hud Hud do the rest. Management of the vehicle will be taken care by Hud Hud. All the hustle and grind will be on Hud Hud. And money will effortlessly flow to your account.

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FAQs For Hud Hud Partners

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