Where You Earn More Money Than Ride-Hailing Taxis

Earn More Than Ride-Sharing Taxis

When Uber launched their App in Kenya, exponential number of Kenyans flocked to join Uber. Other ride-sharing Apps like Taxify, Little Cab, Mondo, Sharecab et cetera emerged and still Kenyans saw the profitability of this business model and rushed to buy cars to join the ride-sharing business. With brutal competition in the ride-sharing platforms, each platform undercutting the other, consequently, profits began to be competed away. The result, ride-sharing partners go home with meager revenues. Money is no longer in Uber, Taxify or other ride-sharing Apps. Money has relocated.

As a Hud Hud Partner, you earn revenues three-fold that you would have made from Uber and other ride-sharing Apps. It is human nature to go where you can get higher returns. Investors are now spending their money to procure buses and onboard them on Hud Hud. Money has relocated from ride-sharing taxis to Hud Hud Platform.

Immediate and Steady Returns

People want financial security. They have financial obligations such as paying rent, school fees, and other bills that need to be taken care on a monthly or regular basis.

Maybe you are servicing a loan, and you need steady revenue stream so that you can meet these obligations.

With Hud Hud platform, you will be at peace because your investment yields immediate and steady returns. Before a van or bus is onboarded on our Platform for school transport, we ensure that the van or bus is fully booked and clients have paid for the seats hence assurance of revenues for that vehicle. Hud Hud partner can therefore enjoy steady returns for the period. Moreover, travellers and holiday makers love to hire vans and buses from Hud Hud. Hence revenues keep flowing to our company. Mode of remitting Partner revenues can either be monthly or termly basis depending on the mutual agreement between the parties.

Less Vehicle Usage Compared to Taxi and Still Has High Revenues

In the taxi business, the cars are subjected to massive usage hence faster depreciation of the vehicles and low resale value. With school bus, main operation is between 6:00am to 8:00am and in the evenings, 3:00pm to 6:00 pm, yet the revenues are more than those of a taxi that operates for more than 15 hours a day.

When you factor in the frequency of car repairs and service, you will realise that in taxi business, you spend more money than in school transport business. For example, you may service a taxi vehicle every month whereas, with School Van, you do vehicle service after three months. The same, on a monthly basis you will be doing a major repair on your taxi vehicle but with school van, you may be obliged to undertake a major repair every three months. Since school buses transport students, the safety standards are so high. This minimises the number of accidents unlike in taxi industry.

Help Students Commute to and From School Safely, Conveniently and Affordably

We have witnessed small children and other students going through the pain of waking up very early to catch a school bus. Students spend longer commute time to and from schools, time is wasted on the road, students get tired. Safety and professionalism lacking in school transport arena. Moreover, the school transport providers are either very few or expensive to an extent that we have witnessed Kindergartners going to school while riding on a Pikipiki.

Unlike, other school transport providers, Hud Hud is known for safety and for transporting students in less commute time. By leveraging its large fleet and its state-of-the-art scheduling technology, students spend less time commuting to and from school.

By becoming a Hud Hud Partner, you will be part of the fleet expansion. This means that you will be helping students in Kenya access a Safer, Affordable, Convenient, and Quality transport.

Hud Hud Is A Reliable Platform

Since inception in 2015, Hud Hud has established itself as the master of school transportation. Proud not to be jerk of all trades hence its determination to focus on transport has placed the company as the best provider of transport. Hud Hud is known for its stellar services and with its constant innovation and deployment of latest technology, clients look no further for school transportation services. As a Hud Hud Partner, you are investing in a reliable and known brand. For this reason, your investment will definitely give good returns.

Clients love Hud Hud school transport and bus hire services. We have gone out our way to make sure clients love our services. And we are always improving the service in order to grow our business and increase traction. This is the reason why our platform is always having a steady and exponential influx of clients. Hud Hud Partners are confident with us.

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