Hud Hud, The Millennial Transport Solution

Hud Hud is leveraging technology to provide its users with convenient, quality and affordable solutions.
Here, you will learn about 3 services offered by Hud Hud: 1)School Transport; 2)Bus Hire; 3)Ride-share to work

Hud Hud is a platform to hire minivans, vans and buses! You want to travel as a group or you have a lot of luggage! You are a big family and would like to visit a mall or a recreational center! You are a company, and would want to take your staff for a team-building session! You are a school, a college and want to take your students for swimming, trip or for camping! Hud Hud is designed for that. Are you a team and would want to be picked from the airport! You want to tour National Parks, Museums! You want to be dropped to your hotel or to the conference center and workshop! Or there is a wedding, ….a function and you want mass commuting! And for the football fans and games attendees! Hud Hud is the place to hire buses.

It does not make sense to drive to work on your 5 seater sedan while the other 4 seats are empty. On top of that, finding parking space can be frustrating and time consuming. You also get tired driving and if everyone is driving to work, you can imagine the traffic caused! Hud Hud is going to decongest the roads with its ride-sharing to work service. We have quality vans and buses offering transport to and from work to people going the same route. Our algorithms ensures that all persons sharing the same route and same time are subscribed to our buses hence enjoying convenient, plush and affordable transportation. Going to work has to be fun, different, and effortless. Feel the VIP status as you commute to work with Hud Hud.

Hud Hud, The Epitome Of Convenient Rides

Learn about Hud Hud Rides & Campaigns and it works. Here, you will be able to learn about "Established Routes", "Campaigns" and "Booking Status".

We have made it easier for users to book a bus seat with Hud Hud. On our “Established Routes” page, you will view all the routes served by Hud Hud. You can even search routes we serve in different cities by using the City Sort Feature. Just view the routes we serve and if you find a route convenient for you, you tap the “Reserve A School Bus Seat” and continue to book. We have a powerful algorithm that does the magic for users. As people book, the algorithm perfectly clusters them according to various parameters such as: Those going the same direction, same locations, time to be at destination, time to be picked from destination, age group, et cetera. All this is to bring about convenience, choice, and fun ride for users.

If your route does not appear among the routes we serve in the “Established Routes” page, we give options to users to campaign for their routes. On the “Campaign Page”, you can suggest a route by starting a campaign, thereby increasing the odds of that route being established. Any campaign that is created means that anyone who falls within 2 KM radius from the pinned locations will be clustered in that route. You can further do a social media awareness or share your campaign to friends and acquaintances nearby you or those who live within 2 KM radius of the pinned locations. This way, you will increase the odds of that campaign to have the required number of demands, and our team will look into it and open that route.

We want our users to have full control and best experience. We wouldn't want you to waste your time and energy coming to our offices to inquire about your booking status. We also don't want you to waste your airtime calling the office regarding your booking status. We have a self-care portal to help people who have booked to see the status of their bookings. On the Booking Status Page, you will insert the phone number you used to make the booking with and run the booking status check. If your booking has been accepted, you will be prompted to pay and you will be taken to the payment gateway to pay online. And if your booking still reads “In Review”, then you will be guided on what to do next to have your booking accepted.