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Contracted Services

We serve all schools and institutions. We serve pupil transportation to and from schools, Colleges, and Universities. Institutions can outsource school transport to Hud Hud School Transportation Limited and they will experience professional and quality transport services. By outsourcing transport to Hud Hud, schools will be able to channel their resources into other core areas while they rest assured that transport will efficiently be taken care by our reliable company.

Understanding Outsourcing

Merriam Webster Dictionary define outsource as “to procure (as some goods or services needed by a business or organization) under contract with an outside supplier.” In this age and time, many companies are forced to undertake a “Make-or-Buy Decision”, which is an “act of choosing between manufacturing a product in-house or purchasing it from an external supplier.” An illustration of outsourcing case is that of a school that utilizes school-owned vans to offer transportation services of its pupils to and from schools but it decides to contract a private company to undertake this task. Outsourcing is sometimes called such terms as contracting or privatization. The following are some reasons why Institutions in Kenya should seriously opt to outsource its school transport:

Save on Operational and Capital Costs

Purchase of a Van is a capital cost; fuel, staff salaries, van maintenance et cetera are operational costs. When you outsource school transport, you save on operational and capital costs. This money can instead be channeled to core areas of school business such as upgrading educational standards; Upgrading of the school; hiring consultants; or even expansion of the school. Hence, during a surge in pupil’s enrolments, School’s Board will not worry about purchasing a school van to transport the growing number of enrolments. An outsource company will take care of that. Moreover, outsourcing can alleviate budgetary constraints. Directors of the school can enjoy their dividends instead of reinvesting it to buy a bus.

There are many disadvantages of a school owning a school bus. Some schools increase their tuition fees so that they can repay the loan used to procure the bus. The pinch is felt by the parents. And sadly enough, some students drop out of school because of the exorbitant cost of education. However, with outsourcing, schools will save on the operational and capital costs.

Facilitate Proliferation of Educational Institutions

Everyone agrees that educational Institutions are few. The few Schools cannot quench the ever-increasing demand. There is no point for a school to expand in a snail pace fashion. Investing in a school is a lucrative business venture, and life is too short not to make money fast. If a school is known for its quality education, then they should spread their wings and simultaneously open branches in other towns so that people from other locations benefit from the quality education offered. If a school has a replicable model that offers quality education, then replicating its model, systems and processes to other branches will be like a walk in the park. And by privatization of school transport, the school can then free up its capital by selling its vans and use the instant cash to open more branches of their schools. Hud Hud School Transportation Limited is a mercy to Kenyans in twofold: 1) It offers safe, quality, convenient and affordable school transportation services; 2) and it has come to help educational institutions to expand and not to worry on transportation issues.

Concentrate, Specialize & Strengthen Other Crucial Business Process

Student Transport is not the core competency of a school. Schools are obligated to offer quality education and training to its pupils, and involvement in pupil transportation may pose a distraction in achieving their core objectives. Some schools are criticized for operating in an amateurish style and are incapable of offering high quality education. To an extent, the accusation is true. That’s why, it is incumbent on schools to concentrate and specialize on non-transport areas in order to enhance quality of education. It is he who specializes who survives and thrives. If schools attempt to be jack of all trades they may be master of none. It is very hard for a school to be an expert in everything. Functions such as transport, food services, student uniform and janitorial services can be privatized so that the school can focus on one Mission: Educating. Schools should not pride in ownership of many buses. The real metric for bragging is quality of education and not “We-Own-Buses” flaunt. So anything that does not add value to quality of education is simply a distraction.

Outsourced Companies Offer Quality, Reliable and Effective Services

Serious transport companies will offer quality, reliable services. One reason is that they specialize in transportation. On specialization, Plato states, “Each man is capable of doing one thing well. If he attempts several, he will fail to achieve distinction in any.” Since the core mission of our company is school transport, we have a research team tasked to find and study new ways of enhancing quality transportation. We are consistently researching up-to-the-minute innovations and technologies to provide surefire solutions to transportation issues. With our research team advising us to utilize GPS services, Z Pass (Student Ridership Tracking), EVIR technology, and Apps for Transport, Hud Hud will always be ahead of the game in school transport. Unlike other private providers and in-house school transport that run aging vans, we run newer vehicles. Unlike schools, our main source of revenue is school transport hence we have to be the best and retain clients. With these and more reasons, you can expect quality, reliability and effectiveness in outsourced companies.

School Transport Companies Are Safer Than Family Car

We are not talking about individual transport providers with one or 5 buses doing school transport for their livelihood. We are talking about a serious school transportation company that is a registered company and has ambitions to take over school transport needs of the entire county or country. There are two main reasons why school bus company is the safety means of school transportation:1) They know the sensitivity of this sector and hence they will work super-hard to maintain safety standards otherwise they will be the ones to suffer; 2) School Transport business is their primary means of generating revenue and for a business to be successful, they must make a product/service that users love. Hence,to avoid going out of business, transport companies must ensure safety is given top priority because parents are more concerned on safety. In America, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), acknowledges that; “American students are nearly eight times safer riding in a school bus [i.e School Bus companies] than with their own parents and guardians in cars.”

Weight Lifted Off Your Shoulders

Let’s face it, transport business is one of the toughest industries, and to make it worse, it is tougher of you are transporting lives. And these are lives of children and students. Some of the nightmares of managing a school transport include but not limited to: Afraid of getting involved in accidents that cost lives and money; headache during bus breakdown; worries about repair costs; fuel price hikes; compliance to traffic regulations; penalties in case of traffic offences; constant worrying on the safety of pupils on the road; dealing with high turnover of van staff; stress emanating from underperformance and disloyal transport staff (e.g. drivers); employee absenteeism; customer service issues such as headaches from parents making angry calls on transport issues; legal consequences for non-compliance to duty of care, etc. Managing the school and education-related affairs is not that easy, so why would schools want to burden themselves with stressful sector like school transportation especially when there is a reliable company ready to take that weight off your shoulders!

Some Schools in The First World Countries Have Outsourced Transport, Why Not Us?

Some schools in the first world countries have not only outsourced transport, but other services like food and janitorial duties have been contracted. For example, the U.S. state of Michigan has 551 school districts and out of those, 250 districts have outsourced all of their bus services. In United States, 30 percent of school districts outsource bus service whereas in Canada the number is 73 percent. First Student Canada is a major school transportation provider for schools and districts across the United States and Canada. In Canada, they provide its services mainly in the Greater Toronto Area, Southern Ontario and Alberta. Some of the amazing facts about First Student transportation provider is that, “More students ride a First Student bus to school each year than the total number of passengers on all the major U.S. airlines combined.” They also boast to be “… the leading school bus operator in the U.S. and Canada, with a fleet of approximately 49,000 school buses” Sometimes it is good to copy and it it high time schools in Kenya to emulate schools in the first world countries.

Help support the Emergence of Safe, Quality & Efficient School Transportation Company.

Hud Hud School Transportation was established to realize this overarching objective: To offer quality, safe, convenient and affordable school transportation service. We also believe that for us to actualise our objectives, we need the back-up and support of the parents and schools. More importantly, schools have a major role to play in the establishment and continuity of such an initiative. Schools can support by outsourcing their school transport to Hud Hud, and by offering advice and positive criticism to help it become the best and not better. Good is the enemy of best that is why Hud Hud will stop at nothing to be the best provider of school transport. At the end of the day, the success of this company means safety for our sons and daughters. Hence our Hud Hud slogan: “Safe Ride, Fun Ride”. A company operating a large fleet will leverage its fleet to conveniently transport students hence less commute time to and from school. Also, students will not be picked unnecessarily early. By supporting Hud Hud, you will put a smile on students, parents, teachers, and the school board.

If Hud Hud is Super-Successful, Schools Will Be the Main Beneficiary

Hud Hud is the only hope to bring transport solution to the students school owned buses can’t go. If you support the growth Hud Hud, it means that as a school you will also get the clients whom you wouldn't have gotten without Hud Hud. Ofcourse, it is not prudent for a school to buy a bus to go pick 4 or 10 students from remote areas. But since Hud Hud has other students from remote areas coming near your school, your 4 or 10 students will be picked together with other kids hence increase enrolment of your school without having to to buy a bus. Hud Hud is neutral and not affiliated with any school, hence it can carry students of different institutions. In this age and time, people should embrace ride-sharing economy.

If Hud Hud becomes super successful, all local and long-distance transport needs will be taken care. The benefit of this is that schools will be able to channel their resources on other key areas such as opening new branches, or enhancing quality of education. Still, the main beneficiary will be the schools. The bottom-line, support Hud Hud and become successful.


With these few reasons for outsourcing, we pray and hope that School Boards will change their mindset about outsourcing, think outside the box and embrace contemporary realities. If schools begin to aggressively outsource their school transport, we believe that School Transport will be safer, convenient, affordable, and of quality. We also believe that the quality of education in the country will skyrocket; Schools will open branches in many parts without having to worry about transport needs. One thing that is sure, is that schools will be the major beneficiary because Hud Hud, with its largest fleet, will be in the position to transport even students who reside in the furthest areas consequently, schools will get more enrolments and make more money from tuition fees. The success of Hud Hud will be the success of students, parents, schools and the nation. Its Win Win.

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