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Why Choose Hud Hud To Transport You To School

In summary, these are the reasons why you should choose Hud Hud to transport you to school

01 01 Safety First

We are introducing various types of safe driving systems for our fleet. For example, drivers may overspeed but how would the control center know when the driver has exceeded the set speed limits? Should we blindly trust our driver or miraculously hope that a responsible motorist would report such dangerous driving? We are using real-time GPS data to track risky driving behaviors. A technology that sends a push notification to the control center that Bus No X has overspeeded and the office would unleash stern punitive measure against that driver.

Other safety measures include but not limited to: Seatbelts; Bus staff religiously complying with the policies and procedures of school bus; Strict adherence to the safety standards and rules set by NTSA (National Transport and Safety Authority); Rigid maintenance inspections by credible mechanics; Computer-Assisted Maintenance; Hiring well-trained and screened drivers; Staff adhere to Safety protocol for getting on and off bus; Et cetera. In short, riding in Hud Hud vans is safer than riding in the family car.

02 02 Less Commute Time to And From Schools

Parents don’t like to see their children driven around for longer time-frame before they reach their destination. Pupils may be so tired by the time they reach school or home and hence lowering their productivity. Some parents also worry that the more time one spends on road the riskier it is. Some students have other obligations besides school and reaching home early is important. Other parents painfully complain of their young kids being picked very very early in the morning.

One way to achieve shorter timespan on buses, is by leveraging of Hud Hud’s Large Fleet. Students are assigned the earliest available bus passing by the pick-up location. Also by our online booking and scheduling tools. Clients book online via our website and our Scheduler Tool clusters students within one kilometer radius and to be dropped in schools that are also within one kilometer radius. Other scheduling perimeters include time synchronization and students of same age range. And since we serve multiple schools, achieving this is super-easy. Clients love Hud Hud because of this less-commute time.

03 03 Valutainment in The Buses

When people say that time is money, they literally mean time is money. If time is utilised well, it can earn you money. If you use your time to learn about a new skill then this time will later earn you money if you apply that particular skill in your endeavors. Mentors advise people to convert leisure time into prime time. For example, as you eat, you could be watching a productive video that would empower you to live better or enhance the quality of your life. Also, your ride time, can be your drive time. This way, people would maximise their potential.

Hud Hud buses are installed with screens that offer valutainment videos to its passengers. The topics range from entrepreneurship, healthy living, edutainment, wildlife, History of successful people, et cetera. Not only do the viewers add value by watching these contents but they also get entertained. Hence, the word “Valuetainment”. Clients using our buses become more smarter and more empowered after a Hud Hud ride. This Hud Hud perk in entrenched in our slogan, “Safe Ride, Fun Ride”.

04 04 Everything is Quality

Quality is the best kind of advertising. We never settle for mediocrity. Everything is quality. Our cars are of quality, our staff are top rated, our services are steller, our facilities are excellent, everything has to be top-notch and not mediocre. Vehicles that have aged or have recurring mechanical problems do not have a place at Hud Hud. We have rigid standards for accepting Hud Hud vehicles.

Infact, one of our mottos is “premium services at non-premium prices”. This means that despite having affordable rates, we never compromise on the quality of our services. We believe that by maintaining quality, we will be establishing a reputation in this industry. Whenever people mention Hud Hud we want to be associated with QUALITY and we want Hud Hud to be the yardstick of quality. Hence the obsession in providing quality services, quality vehicles and quality everything. We totally agree with Steve Jobs who said: "quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles."

05 05 Hud Hud, The Epitome Of Professionalism

We are a registered company specializing in School Transport in Kenya. We are not jack of all trades but the masters of school transportation. Even Plato states, “Each man is capable of doing one thing well. If he attempts several, he will fail to achieve distinction in any”; We are the best because Hud Hud buses have trained bus attendants; We have transport policies and procedures; We conduct trip inspection and surprise checks to ensure the staff comply to policies and procedures; All buses are fixed with seatbelts; We have checklist App that notifies the office and clients on student pick-ups and drop-offs; With our logistics team and online scheduling tool, we develop convenient routes; We have fully complied to state laws; Our drivers are qualified and experienced; We have a complaint department to address grievances; we have School Bus Safety Rules and School Bus Protocol; Our drivers undergo a drug and alcohol screening; Et cetera. Hud Hud enthrones professionalism, the reason why our clients ar always happy with our services.

06 06 State-of-The-Art Technology

Since the core mission of our company is school transport, we have invested in a research team tasked to find and study new ways of enhancing quality transportation. We are consistently researching up-to-the-minute innovations and technologies to provide surefire solutions to transportation issues. With our research team advising us to utilize GPS services, Z Pass (Student Ridership Tracking), EVIR technology, and Apps for Transport, we believe that we will always be ahead of the game in the business of provision of school transport. As a serious company, we are well-funded and have appropriate cash reserves to ensure we operate a reliable and effective School Transportation.

Our clients will be provided with an App that tracks the movement of the bus hence students and parents will know when the bus is approaching pick-up location or destination. We are also using GPS monitoring of the bus speeds and hence we are able to enhance safety from our control center. Overspeeding is a serious threat to safety and that is why such technological tools are used in our company.

0707 Read As You Ride

It may be easy to spot a Mzungu (whiteman) on a plane, ship, commuter rail or commuter bus reading a book, but in Africa that culture is missing. Reading is not restricted to libraries or in schools. Everywhere is a potential library. Hud Hud has launched a reading initiative aiming at inculcating a reading culture in our children. We will place exciting and useful reading materials inside our buses. These will be placed in seat book pockets fitted at the back of every seat. Interested passenger can willingly peruse the books instead of wasting his precious time peeping out the window. Our goal is to foster students to love books, develop the reading culture and reading muscles hence growing up to be voracious readers. The reading program will not only equip your child with analytical and cognitive skills but he is also groomed to be a leader as stated by Margaret Fuller’s adage: “Today a reader tomorrow a leader” Hud Hud buses are Mobile Libraries, our buses are a Mobile University as quoted by Shelby Foote "A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library."

08 08 Premium Services at Non-Premium Prices

At Hud Hud, we have adopted the slogan, "premium services at non-premium prices". As much as we are in business, we also have moral responsibility to make sure that students and parents find affordable transport solution to schools. We dont believe in charging exorbitant prices for the sake of accumulating wealth. That is why our transport charges are affordable.

It is worth mentioning that by having affordable pricing model, it does not mean in any way, shape or form, that we will water down the quality of our services. We will never compromise the safety, will will never compromise the quality of vehicles, we will never compromise our services just because we offer budget-friendly prices. As a business, we strongly believe that if we establish ourselves with a reputation of quality and steller services then we will always get influx of clients and hence success of our business. At Hud Hud, you will enjoy quality, safe, and convenient transport services without having to worry about the cost of transportation.

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